»A TREASURE NOT OF GOLD. Benno of Meissen - Saxony´s first Saint.«
Fri 12th May 2017 to Sun 5th Nov 2017 10:00 am - 18:00 pm


The vita of the first Saxon saint has moved the people in Europe over the centuries – from Saxony via Bavaria down to Rome. It is a story of power, faith and politics. A story of reformation and counter-reformation, sanctuaries and canonization.

His canonization in 1523, mainly the result on the initiative of Duke George of Saxony, that was instrumentalized from the very beginning by not only the reformers – most notably Martin Luther – for their purposes, and which, in the context of the counter-reformation, led to Benno’s rise to become the land’s patron of Bavaria. Benno is the patron saint of the Catholic Diocese of Dresden-Meissen that was founded anew in 1921.

The story begins in the Meissen Cathedral in the High Middle Ages and extends into the 21st century – with Saint Benno’s omnipresence all over Germany where parish churches, schools and publishing houses bear his name. But also in the Germanspeaking Catholic church in Rome he has been worshipped as a patron saint since the 16th century.

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Date Fri 12th May 2017 to Sun 5th Nov 2017 10:00 am - 18:00 pm
Suitable for children No

Arrival & map

Next City:  Dresden  (27 km)

Arrival information:

Nearest city: Dresden (27 km)

Information on how to get there:

By car:

  • Highway A4 Exit Siebenlehn, continue along Federal Road B101, or Exit Wilsdruff;
  • Highway A13: Exit Radeburg
  • Highway A14: Exit Nossen-Ost;
  • Coming from Dresden, use Federal Road B6

By bicycle:

The Elbe River cycle path passes directly at the foot of the castle hill from where the Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle and the Cathedral are signposted.

Dresden Airport:

  • Towards Boxdorf – Reichenberg – Moritzburg – Auer – Weinböhla – Meißen. Dresden Airport is about 30 km from Meißen

Sightseeing tour through Meißen:

  • Between April and October, a bus runs every 30 minutes serving the stops at Albrechtsburg Castle/Cathedral, the Market Square and the Porcelain Manufactory. The modern buses can seat 13 passengers, including a space for a wheelchair. You can opt for the small or the grand tour and learn something about the history of the town.
  • More information at: City-Bus Meißen of Oberelbe Tours

By steamboat:

Parking facilities:

  • Cars can be parked by the Elbe River, with direct access to the castle via the castle stairs from Leipziger Straße and also from the foot of the castle hill in Meisastraße, where there is also a multi-level carpark and an elevator up to the castle.

Easy ascent:

  • An elevator with a panoramic view eases the ascent to the castle.

Event location

Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle

Domplatz 1 | 01662 Meißen

+49 (0) 3521 4707-0