Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle
Discover Germany's oldest castle«

The late-Gothic Albrechtsburg Castle rises majestically above the picturesque Elbe River valley. Built in the 15th century, Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle is regarded to be Germany’s oldest castle, which didn't only set trends in terms of architecture in the course of time. 

Schloesserland Sachsen and Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle bid you a warm welcome and invite you to embark on an exciting tour of discovery through the castle and its trendsetting new exhibition.      

Have a look inside: the exhibition

Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle »Trendsetter since 1471«enlarge view

Meeting the highest standards of modern exhibition architecture, Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle presents itself as a trendsetter. 

Let yourself whisk away on a journey back in time through the history of Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle, a central memorial site of Saxon identity.

Have a look inside an overwhelming architectural gem, which still astonishes todays visitors as it did in the old days. 

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Titel Special exhibition

In the Meissen Albrechtsburg, the first European porcelain manufacture was etablished over 300 years ago.

25 artists, from all over the world that experiment with ceramic porcelain on a professional level when forming art, are invited. The Exhibition is open to all kinds of artistic forms.

17th July to 18th September 2016
daily 10 am to 6 pm

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»A TREASURE BEYOND GOLD. Benno of Meissen - Saxony´s first saint«enlarge view

Benno of Meissen - Saxony´s first saint

The vita of the first Saxon saint has moved the people in Europe over the centuries - from Saxony via Bavaria down to Rome.

For the first time ever, an innovative exhibition presents the symbol-laden role that Bishop Benno of Meissen and his canonization played in the past centuries.

Special exhibition in Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle
12th May to 5th November 2017
daily from 10 am to 6 am

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