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Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle »Trendsetter since 1471«

Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle has already been a trendsetter in its time of contruction. Its architect, master builder Arnold von Westfalen, constructed it as a masterly edifice the architectural solutions and concepts of the design of which are still marveled at today.

From 1710 on, the castle was again setting trends that took effect far beyond Saxon borders: Augustus the Strong initiated the foundation of the first European porcelain manufactory at Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle and the »White Gold« set out on its triumphant march through Europe and around the world.

Today, a modern and innovative exhibition awaits its visitors: The overwhelming exhibition architecture with its virtual installations and interactive media terminals whisks them away on a journey back in time through the history of Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle, the »Trendsetter since 1471«.

Five exhibition areas are waiting to be visited

At the centre of power - And always one step ahead of the spirit of the age

At the heart of Europe and often enough at the epicenter of ever-changing history: Saxony and the House of Wettin. The dynasty that ruled here from the Middle Ages to 1918 provided one of the seven Electors to elect the German king. Embark on a journey back in time and discover Germany's oldest castle, the ancestral seat of the Wettins. 

The extraordinary architecture of Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle – an architectural aha-experience

Unlike other major projects in their time, Albrechtsburg Castle did not emerge over many building stages, but as a holistic design of a master builder genius: Arnold von Westfalen. From 1471 on, it was he, who constructed a late-Gothic gem of architecture, a real trendsetter still impressing its visitors today. 

Residing in the castle – what it could have been like

Any castle has its secrets. And we do not pretend to know everything. But what everyday life in the Albrechtsburg could have been like in the late 15th century can very well be reconstructed – and experienced! Lots of pictures, documents, old accounts and other sources provide a highly interesting insight.

Experiment and manufacture – Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle as the first European porcelain manufactory

In 1710, only two years after the creation of porcelain had been worked out in Dresden, Augustus the Strong initiated the foundation of the manufactory in the Albrechtsburg. Its repertoire as well as the operation grew quickly and enormously – up to 700 staff in 1766. The castle became the basis for the triumphal procession of the Meissen porcelain. Learn here how everything began!

A »painted picture book« of the history of the state – the 19th century

At the end of the 19th century, after the porcelain manufactory had moved out, Wilhelm Rossmann, Privy Court Councillor, developed his artistic design concept for the entire castle. Its core idea: »a painted picture book« of the history of the dynasties and of the state. In 1881, Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle was reopened as a museum and showed its visitors, back then as it does today, historical events in monumental murals. Thus it refers to its significance as a central memorial site of Saxon identity. 


Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle

Domplatz 1 | 01662 Meißen

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Audio guide (German, English, Czech, French, Italian, Polish, Russian; children's audio guide in German) included. Written guide for deaf people available. Combined ticket: Meissen Albechtsburg Castle and Meissen Porcelain Manufactory 
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